Bleeding brown blood after using nuvaring for two weeks

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After I took the ring out (two days after I put it in) I had another withdrawal bleed that was heavy and had some clots in it, lasted for about 4 days.
I'm on nuva ring and i started to brown bleed and now full blown bleeding while still nuva ring is still inserted what should i do take the ring out?
I have had bleeding and bloody discharge after intercourse for about two months now. Along with that, I have also had an increase Bleeding brown blood after using nuvaring for two weeks in clear discharge and cramping .
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Best Answer: I haven't used nuvaring, but have been on various birth control pills for the past 15 years or so. If nuvaring can cause spotting/break-through-bleeding .
Last month after I stopped using the Nuva Ring, I had the most incredible pregnancy symptoms. (nipples swelled and sensitive, extreems tiredness, peeing constantly .
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Brown discharge and bleeding two weeks after period, not pregnant and no std s? My periods are. Brown discharge and bleeding two weeks after Bleeding brown blood after using nuvaring for two weeks period, not pregnant and .
After months of frustrating menstrual cycles, I had the mirena IUD inserted in April 2007. It was a dream, I had 1 period after insertion and that.
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Bleeding brown blood after using nuvaring for two weeks

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Nuva Ring What is the Nuva Ring? The Nuva ring is a flexible, combined contraceptive vaginal ring,
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