Thc solution for e cigarette

26. prosince 2011 v 7:41

everyone has heard of the electric cigarette riight? the way it works is there is a cartridge that you put drops of liquid nicotine on and then it becomes vaporized .
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General Marijuana Growing Adding THC solution to make weed MUCH stronger in the The Grow Room forums; what im saying is could the Thc solution for e cigarette stem of the plant suck up the thc .
I just got one of those fancy new e cigarettes and was thinking of ways to make a thc cartridge. I am going to try taking some vapopoo and vegetable
I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this one, my research has kinda Thc solution for e cigarette led me to a dead end. I am expecting an E cigarette in the mail soon
Converting e cigarette to pot >>> converting e cigarette to pot. Can you fill an E-Cigarette cartridge with weed?
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Okay,I had an interesting idea about 10 minutes ago,and it seems quite possible. I've been looking into Electronic Cigarettes lately,as a way to get my nicotine .
Long time troll, first time poster =) It's become clear to me after a good bit of searching that not much definitive has come from the discussion on using e .
i was thinking it would be smart to make weed a little less bad for you by using . I was wondering this too. Not that I would actually do it, just something that .
Concentrates . "Bluto vaporist Registered: 2009-05-09 Posts: 5 DIY E-Cig THC Liquid Discussion Anyone . " � "Skunkypete Escape Artist From: Out there Registered .
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Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (
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